• CAE Brussels Training centre

  • CAE Brussels is located at Brussels International Airport, 20 minutes northeast of Brussels city centre and is easily accessible by car or train.

    With over 20 years of experience in simulator training, the centre has been part of the CAE network since 2001. CAE Brussels operates the full suite of simulator training services including, among others, six full flight simulators, FTD’s and up-to-standard briefing rooms. The simulators and the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy are under the regulation of the Belgian Civil Aviation Authorities. The TRTO has been approved by the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities for their training. Naturally, all are under the wing of EASA (JAA) regulations. 

    We offer a full range of training services in both dry and wet lease using some of the latest and greatest simulators in our impressive fleet. With a 737NG, B757/767, A320, A330, AVRO RJ85/100 and L382G/C-130H, CAE Brussels offers a variety of aircraft types for our worldwide customers. CAE Brussels even offers maintenance training services for business operators.

    CAE Brussels is capable of handling all your training services and is able to serve your specific needs. With over a 100 direct flights daily to Brussels, our training centre is ideally located in the heart of central Europe. In a multilingual environment, CAE Brussels is the ideal hub for your training or maintenance demands.

  • CAE Brussels Training Centre & CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Brussels

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