• Training Support Services

  • Today's military forces are under constant pressure to reduce operating costs, improve performance, and above all, maintain a high state of readiness. With limited financial and human resources, meeting these challenges is increasingly difficult. Over the past two decades, there has been a growing trend in the military community to outsource a variety of support services, including classroom and simulator instruction, courseware development, simulator maintenance, and logistics support.

    CAE is uniquely qualified to handle all training support service needs. As a long-time partner with military air, ground, and naval forces worldwide, CAE has been a leader in providing state-of-the-art training and support services across the entire range of combat skills. CAE’s wealth of experience, focus on customer needs, and proven application of the latest technologies in training and simulation can help play a key role in the mission readiness of your military forces.

    The training support services that CAE offers include:

    • Classroom and simulator instruction
    • Simulator maintenance and operation
    • Upgrades and modifications
    • Logistics support
    • Courseware development
    • Computer-based training
    • Distance learning
    • Training device relocation and recertification
    • Engineering/software support

    Simulator and academic instruction
    CAE instructors are acknowledged experts in their field, transferring their extensive skills and experience gained over many years of operational military duty to every student we train.

    CAE instructors conduct classroom lectures, administer examinations, monitor lessons, and provide one-on-one instruction as necessary. To support dynamic and realistic simulator training, our instructors pre-brief each mission, ensure all training events are accomplished, and provide comprehensive debriefs.

    Following the latest educational principles and employing cognitive methods, CAE instructors help ensure that every student builds on the solid foundation of "how to" knowledge from the classroom and hands-on training in the simulator. With this training and instruction, the student will be fully prepared to master the weapon system platform.

    Maintenance and logistics support
    CAE provides comprehensive maintenance services as well as total supply and logistics support, including inventory management, lifecycle support, and hardware and software configuration management.

    CAE's maintenance and support services help ensure your training devices are available and maintain concurrency with the platforms you have deployed. CAE has specialists in just about every skill and discipline related to simulator maintenance, including visual systems, motion systems, and systems integration. Through our integrated logistics support and engineering capabilities, CAE provides customers with lower lifecycle costs.

    Courseware development
    CAE designs, develops, produces, and implements a full range of courseware products to support all customer training needs.

    CAE employs the latest equipment and techniques to enhance the learning experience. For example, CAE’s self-paced instruction lessons can include real-time embedded skill measurement and performance tracking. CAE has also pioneered the development of simulation-based courseware using CAE Simfinity technology, which leverages the same high-fidelity simulation software found in CAE's full-mission simulators.

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