• In-Service Support

  • CAE has over 25 years' experience providing in-service support (ISS) to defence customers through a nationally dispersed infrastructure of facilities, tools and systems, personnel, suppliers, and an integrated network of subcontractors. Through in-service support to Canada’s fleets of CF-18 fighter jets, maritime helicopters, Halifax-class naval frigates, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and various electronic warfare and sensing systems, CAE is a leader in providing the tools and technical expertise necessary to ensure fleet operational readiness.

    Project Management
    Effective project management processes are the cornerstone for managing and controlling project work with discipline and integrity. Given the vital importance of decisions being made at all levels during in-service support activities, and understanding the accuracy of project data required to meet readiness, sustainability, safety of operations, and growth, CAE’s project management approach features a proven all-encompassing integrated information environment.

    Integrated information environment
    CAE’s integrated information environment (IIE) solution provides commanders and decision makers with the required flexibility to adapt their operations and maintenance processes to the ever-changing requirements imposed by real world situations. System survivability is ensured through integrated redundancy. The system can operate in networked or stand-alone modes, providing mobility to meet critical functions required to maintain airworthiness regulations. The resulting real-time, rich-data environments are accessible by other applications and corporate systems, providing total assets visibility at all times and enabling real-time in-service lifecycle management support.

    In-Service lifecycle management support
    Using field data and cutting-edge technology, our military support services team monitors weapon system and support network performance. CAE’s team excels at identifying, validating, and analyzing the impacts of performance metric variations on fleet operations, logistics network, and resources before adverse effects are experienced. CAE extends your analysis and modelling capabilities by providing an innovative, flexible, competent, and dedicated workforce. Fleet managers are empowered with up-to-date information and can be confident in the decisions they make to ensure long-term cost-effective support solutions.

    Quality Assurance
    CAE’s Quality Management System is integrated, and based on the lifecycle processes for quality assurance and quality control established in the ISO 9001:2008 and Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMi) certifications of Quality Management Systems. This approach builds quality into products and services to achieve customer satisfaction, and includes procedures for meeting quality assurance objectives to design, develop, integrate and support complex systems.

    Configuration Management
    CAE’s approach to configuration management (builds on accepted industry and international configuration management processes, procedures and standards. CAE recognizes the importance of planning, establishing, and implementing effective configuration management practices over work products throughout the project lifecycle from acquisition to in-service support. Just as for the quality assurance approach, CAE recognizes that the configuration management support strategy must be integrated with the engineering and integrated logistics strategies to achieve operational readiness, sustainability, safety, and growth.

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